Solar Power Pack

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We successfully launching these products for efficient usage of them in various applications. More than monetary benefits, we are more inspired with the uniqueness of the products which fulfill wider applications with one product as well as saving the traditional conventional expensive energy. A small solar electric or photovoltaic (PV) system can be a reliable and pollution-free producer of electricity for your home or office. Small PV systems also provide a cost-effective power supply in locations where it is expensive or impossible to send electricity through conventional power lines.

Photovoltaic solar panel technologies use both direct and scattered sunlight to create electricity, the amount of power generated by a solar system at a particular site depends on how much of the sun's energy reaches it. Thus, PV systems, like all solar technologies, function most efficiently around the world. Because of their modularity, Solar PV systems can be designed to meet any electrical requirement, no matter how large or how small. You can connect them to an electric distribution system (grid-connected), or they can stand alone (off-grid). You can also use PV technology to provide outdoor lighting.

Solar power packs can be installed and applicable for both power supplies for indoor and outdoor electrical appliances and electronic devices used. So, they continue run inside home, offices as well as the outdoor traffic lights, street lights and many more. These solar power pack systems can also be used in conjunction with existing grid for uninterrupted supply of electricity. Easy Photovoltaic solar power packs are based on proven solar technology, which makes them highly efficient and completely maintenance-free.

We provide the high quality Solar PV modules of Crystalline (c-Si) and CIGS Thin film panel. We also provide all other components required to build a solar system, such as batteries, high –efficiency charge controllers, solar inverters and energy efficient fittings such as LED luminaires etc. All the components are IEC certified – IEC 61215,61730,61646 –SPV Panels.

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Third Party Inspection

Third Party Inspection of Raw material steel of Tower Manufacturing Companies at suppliers premises.

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Fabrication Works

IQES has undertaken fabrication work for industrial segments and meet the requirement of the clients.

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Website Design

Of all the aesthetic pleasures that a man looks forward to, design is something which is most easily recognized.

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Web Development

We develop websites that suits the requirements of any business. Every website has its own application.

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Domain & Hosting

We offer Web Hosting (Windows or Linux) and Domain Registration packages.