Packaged Sewage Treatment and Recycle Plant

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Integrated Quality Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides the solutions for water recycling and Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) for Industries, institutions, Hotels & Resorts, Hospitals, large commercial complexes and shopping malls, housing colonies and townships etc. IQES Pvt. Ltd. is a business development associate of Jalshree Corporation Pvt. Ltd., a group company of Polytest Laboratories which has been providing solutions for water recycling and Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), with manufacturing facility in Pune

After a decade of study and operational experience with conventional plants, Jalshree Corporation introduced AirObix® STRP, a technology based on indigenous technology of treating sewage into water.In order to build systems that would overcome design and operational shortcomings found in conventional systems.

AirObix® STRP is not a conventional STP that treats wastewater only to satisfy statutory norms but extends its function further as a water recovery system. However, it is most suited for establishments which value saving of space, manpower and elimination of tedious operations. There is no need for customization in our system as is the case with conventional ones. All that is required is the local collection tank for raw wastewater. This makes AirObix® a complete solution for all the possibilities. The completed techno feasibility studies indicate that the plant is cost effective and eco friendly and is sustainable in long run.

Our company is focusing on conservation of natural resources and saving of freshwater. This technology is proven and very innovative and has many attractive features. The company is also taking up several other environment related programs such water conservation projects, waste recycle- reuse approach etc .The strategy for pollution control is centered on extensive use of three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in all sectors........Read More

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Third Party Inspection

Third Party Inspection of Raw material steel of Tower Manufacturing Companies at suppliers premises.

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Fabrication Works

IQES has undertaken fabrication work for industrial segments and meet the requirement of the clients.

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Website Design

Of all the aesthetic pleasures that a man looks forward to, design is something which is most easily recognized.

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Web Development

We develop websites that suits the requirements of any business. Every website has its own application.

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Domain & Hosting

We offer Web Hosting (Windows or Linux) and Domain Registration packages.